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This tab is for Volunteer Walk Leaders and for health professionals to access resources such as our registration form, walker information sheet, accident/incident form, media consent form and posters to promote our walks.


If you can't find what you need please contact Sue on 075 0563 9524 (the Step Out Sheffield Helpline) or email 


Our resources section is where you can find scheme resources such as the walker registration form plus posters to promote each of our walks and our accident form.  Walk leaders are welcome to download these resources directly and print them off for use on their walks. For printable pdf versions of our resources simply click on the appropriate link, upload the file to your computer and print it out.



Generic poster for any walk>>Poster Generic RWW x2 July 2023.pdf

South West Walks>>Poster multi walks SW x 2 July 2023.pdf

Monday walks:

 Graves Park walk>>Poster Graves Park  x2 July 2023.pdf

 Crystal Peaks walk>>Poster Crystal Peaks x2 July 2023.pdf

 Bolehills Park, Crookes walk>>Poster Bolehills Park x 2 July 2023.pdf

 Firth Park walk>>Poster Firth Park x2 July 2023.pdf

Tuesday walks:

 Stannington walk>>Poster Stannington x2 July 2023.pdf

 Dore walk>>Poster Dore x2 July 2023.pdf

 Handsworth walk>>Poster Handsworth x2 July 2023.pdf

 Pitsmoor walk>>Poster Pitsmoor x2 July 2023.pdf

 Porter Valley walk>>Poster Porter Valley x2 July 2023.pdf

Wednesday walks:

 Stocksbridge walk>>Poster Stocksbridge x 2 July 2023.pdf

 Bramall Lane walk>>Poster Bramall Lane x2 July 2023.pdf

 Totley walk>>Poster Totley x2 July 2023.pdf

 for Gleadless walk>>Poster Gleadless x2 July 2023.pdf

 Ecclesfield walk>>Poster Ecclesfield x2 July 2023.pdf

 Richmond walk>>Poster Richmond x2 July 2023.pdf

Thursday walks:

 Grenoside walk>>Poster Grenoside x2 July 2023.pdf

 Ecclesall Woods Thursday walk>>Poster Eccy Woods Thursdays x2 July 2023.pdf

 Hillsborough Park walk>>Poster Hillsborough x2 July 2023.pdf

 Lowedges Walk>>Poster Lowedges x2 July 2023.pdf

 Wisewood/Wadsley walk>>Poster Wisewood x2 July 2022.pdf

 Forge Dam walk>>Poster Forge Dam x2 July 2023.pdf

Owlthorpe/Hackenthorpe walk>>Poster Owlthorpe x2 July 2023.pdf

Friday walks:

Norfolk Park walk>>Poster Norfolk Park x2 July 2023.pdf

Woodhouse walk>>Poster Woodhouse x 2 July 2023.pdf