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Step out Sheffield is a volunteer-run organisation providing a choice of walks at 24 different locations across the city each week, primarily using parks and greenspaces. All our walks are completely free, fun and sociable - three great reasons to get involved. We walk every week except Christmas week (including school holidays). All our walks are led by trained Volunteer Walk Leaders and without their commitment we wouldn't be able to provide them. Step out Sheffield is the largest Ramblers Wellbeing Walks scheme in the country that is managed and delivered entirely by volunteers - and we are very proud of this. 

In December 2021 our medical student interns produced a short film to demonstrate our service:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srb-Yp4PgsY

Our aims:

  • To improve the health of Sheffield Residents
  • To get you out of the house and into your local greenspaces
  • To encourage you to meet new people and catch up with old friends
  • To show you the wonderful scenery Sheffield has to offer

Why walking is good for your health

  • Walking gets your heart and lungs working well together
  • Walking lowers your blood pressure and helps keep your weight down
  • Walking outside in the fresh air is great for your mood
  • And of course walking is completely FREE!


We're proud that our walks cater for everyone. Many walks are wheels-friendly and most groups offer walks at different paces to make sure that everyone travels at a speed that is comfortable for them whatever their age or level of fitness. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome on all of our walks. Well behaved dogs are also welcome on some of our walks but must remain on a short leash at all times to minimise the risk of tripping up other walkers, some of whom are very vulnerable. Before bringing your dog to one of our walks please come without it initially and ask the leaders what the policy on that particular walk is. 

If you would like to get in touch with us please phone the Step Out Sheffield helpline on 075 0563 9524 or email steppingoutinsheffield@gmail.com.

Come along and join the fun!

RWfH photo shoot 2016 - Pat in Lowedges Park



        We're award winning!2017 at Epsom        Step out Sheffield won the Ramblers award for  "Innovation"  in May 2017!

       Scheme coordinator, Dr. Sue Lee, was presented with Step Out Sheffield's award by the Ramblers Chairman, Des Garrahan. We're very proud

       of this achievement, all the more because we won it only 18 months after we became volunteer led.




In April 2016 Sheffield City Council was no longer able to fund the employee whose job it was to co-ordinate the 140+ volunteers who led our walks, and it looked as if Sheffield's 17- year old health walk scheme would fold. But the volunteers recognised the value of these walks and had other ideas. A small group of volunteers came together to help put systems in place to ensure that our walks continued. To help us on our way, we gratefully received some very generous set-up grant awards from the following organisations: 

  • Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust
  • Sheffield Town Trust
  • The Harry Bottom Charitable Trust
  • South Yorkshire Community Foundation
  • The Freshgate Trust Foundation

We also secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund to help cover our operational costs in 2017.  In 2020 we received a very generous award from the Co-op Community Fund. Step Out Sheffield has also benefited from local authority Ward Pot grants from some of the wards were health walks are held. More recently, we have received payment from the University of Sheffield Medical School for hosting third year students on their Social Accountability module. We are very grateful to the University for this because not only do the students provide revenue they also contribute positively to the organisation through the projects they complete for us. For example,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srb-Yp4PgsY was produced by Gwen Craddock with the help of Zahra Ahmed, Harriet Beatie and Luke Jonesin December 2021.


Website designed and populated by Sue Lee, the volunteer chair of Step Out Sheffield, with patient tuition and support from Forid Meah.




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