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Why not begin your week with a walk? We have four Monday morning walks to choose from. 

There are no walks on Monday afternoons because this is the time in the week when Step Out Sheffield holds quarterly meetings for its Volunteers. By doing this we avoid having to cancel walks in order to provide our Volunteers with the opportunity to socialise with other Volunteers. For lots more details about the walk you are interested in simply click on the name of that walk in the panel below. 

The Monday morning walks are in Graves Park the biggest of Sheffield’s municipal parks, which lies to the South of Sheffield, the Crystal Peaks area which provides a chance to explore the greenspaces that lie at the Eastern edges of the city, Firth Park, a greenspace in the North of the city given to the people of Sheffield by Mark Firth in 1875, and in Bolehills Park, Crookes on the West of the city with its amazing views over Stannington, Loxley and the countryside beyond.
Graves Park, at 87 hectares, is the biggest in Sheffield. The main walk here makes the most of the park's size by taking a route right around the boundaries. A shorter, flatter option is available for those who  prefer a less energetic option. Other attractions in Graves Park include the rare breeds centre, the lakes, a big children’s playground and a café.

The Crystal Peaks health walk meets in the shopping complex and enjoys a variety of routes in and around Beighton and Rother Valley Country Park, or along Ochre Dike to the Westfield Plantation.
Firth Park
 is a 16-hectare landscaped park with lovely flower beds and access to some ancient woodland (Hinde Common Wood).The park itself is suitable for wheelchairs. Longley Park, Parson Cross Park and Concord Park provide alternative routes for the more energetic of our walkers. The facilities in Firth Park include the Grade 2 listed Clock tower, a bowls pavilion and green, a children’s playground, a purpose-built First Start Centre and a café. 

The Bolehills Park health walk was launched on 4th June 2018. It is based in Bolehills Park in the Walkley/Crookes area of the city. Walkers currently meet outdoors within sight of the entrance to the bowling greens in Bolehills Park.