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There are five walks to choose from on Tuesdays, two in the morning and three in the afternoon.

For lots more details about the walk you are interested in simply click on the name of that walk in the panel below. 

Tuesday walks include one in the Western suburb of Stannington, one in the SW of the city in Dore, the woodland routes around Handsworth on the east side of the city, and two walks towards the centre of town (Pitsmore/Burngreave and Porter Valley).

Stannington is a very picturesque suburb on the outskirts of Sheffield which enjoys superb views from its lofty vantage. Stannington is very hilly and we struggle a little to find flat(ish) walks for those who struggle with hills. Also, because of the hills, it is definitely not suitable for wheel chairs. There are lots of paths in and arround Stannington though which means we can offer a programme with lots of different routes here.

Handsworth is another walk which benefits from having a wide range of routes to choose from. Whilst the Handsworth walks cater for all levels of ability they are, like Stannington,  unable to offer a wheelchair friendly option. Some routes use woodland paths and some use tarmac surfaced paths through the parks and open spaces. 

The Pitsmoor walk is a weekly walk in or from Abbeyfield Park. The park is flat and the surfaces are suitable for buggies, wheelchairs and scooters. Abbeyfield Park is an easily accessible and attractive greenspace in an otherwise quite built up part of the city. Each week the volunteers on this walk offer the option of a longer walk at a brisker pace in nearby green spaces. 

The Porter Valley walk meets in Endcliffe Park, not far from the centre of town. This walk follows the Sheffield Round-Walk route along the green corridor towards Forge Dam passing the newly restored Shepherd’s wheel in Bingham Park on the way. The facilities in Endcliffe Park include a children’s playground, two lakes and a café. This walk is wheelchair friendly.

The Dore was launched in September 2021. There are lots of green spaces and green corridors in and around the Centre of Dore to explore. Our walks make good use of these routes. Each week the volunteers offer a shorter, flater walk at a leisurely pace in addition to a longer brisker walk that occasionally includes one or two stiles and some field paths. The short walk is wheels-friendly.  Off-street parking for walkers is available in the Dore Club car park next door to the parish rooms by arrangement.

From January 2004 until lockdown in March 2020 there was a weekly health walk in Ecclesall Woods on Tuesday morning starting from Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. Sadly, due to economic constraints, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is longer open to the public on weekdays.This means that those walkers who want a short led walk in Ecclesall Woods each week hnow have only one to choose from (the Thursday morning walk from the Discovery Centre). The Tuesday morning walk in Dore replaces the woods walk from Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.