Included in this section is information about insurance, volunteering policy and safeguarding, diversity and equality, and privacy policy, as well as the Step Out Sheffield Constitution, and public information about our scheme going back to our first AGM in May 2017. 

Step Out Sheffield Constitution

A revised constitution was tabled by the Step out Sheffield Management Committee at the 2022 AGM on 16th May 2022, and adopted by members.


Link to constitution     >>Step Out Sheffield Constitution

Privacy Policy

Step Out Sheffield is a Ramblers Wellbeing Walks partner and uses personal data for the administration of the scheme and anonymised reporting only. Link to Ramblers Privacy Policy  >> Ramblers Privacy Policy



We are insured by Ramblers as Ramblers Wellbeing Walks -  Step Out Sheffield.

Liability Certificate      >> General Summary of Cover 2023-2024

Accident Certificate    >>Personal accident - volunteers only- summary 2021-2022

Fact sheet                  >>RWW Insurance factsheet June 2021

Incident/Accident report form     >>Incident report form


Equality and Diversity Framework

Link to the Ramblers equality and Diversity framework   >>Equalities and Diversities Framework RWW



Volunteering Policy          >> Ramblers Volunteer policy - final Nov 2022

Whistleblowing Policy      >> Whistleblowing policy RWW 2019



Safeguarding fact sheet              >> Safeguarding factsheet RWW    

Safeguarding Policy                    >>Safeguarding Policy RWW 2023

Safeguarding Procedure             >>Safeguarding Procedure RWW 2022  


Complaints Process

Policy                                          >>Complaints Policy, Ramblers January 2021

Procedure                                    >>Complaints Procedure, Ramblers January 2021


Problem Solving

Policy                                          >>Problem Solving Policy, Ramblers January 2021

Procedure                                 >>Problem Solving Procedure, Ramblers January 2021 


Officers - Step Out Sheffield:

Chair                                                        -           Francis Feeley
Secretary                                                 -           Kathryn Williams
Treasurer                                                 -           

Ramblers Wellbeing Walks coordinator           Sue Lee

Website Manager                                    -           Sue Lee


Annual Reports

2023-2024       >>Annual Reoport RWW-SOS 2023-2024.pdf

2023-2024       >>Chair's report to AGM.pdf

2023-2024       >>Annual Report SOS 2023-2024.pdf 

2022-2023       >>Annual Report 2022-2023.pdf 

2021-2022       >>Annual Report 2021-2022  

2020-2021        >>Annual Report 2020-2021.pdf

2019-2020       >>Annual Report 2019-2020.pdf 

2018-2019       >>Annual Report 2018-2019.pdf

2017-2018       >>Annual report 2017-2018.pdf

2016-2017       >>Annual Report 2016-2017.pdf

Financial Reports

2023-2024       >>Financial Report 2023-2024.pdf

2022-2023       >>Financial Report 2022-2023.pdf

2021-2022       >>Financial Report 2021-2022.pdf

2020-2021       >>Financial Report 2020-2021.pdf

2019-2020       >>Financial Report 2019-2020.pdf

2018-2019       >>Financial Report 2018-2019.pdf

2017-2018       >>Financial Report 2017-2018.pdf

2016-2017       >>Financial Report 2016-2017.pdf


Health and Safety Policy Statement       >>Health and Safety Policy Statement.pdf


Safety Reports

2023-2024      >>Safety Summary 2023-2024.pdf

2019-2020      >>Safety Summary 2019-2020.pdf

2018-2019      >>Safety Summary 2018-2019.pdf


Bad weather Protocol

2024             >>Severe weather advice 2024.pdf

2024             >> Severe weather flowchart dynamic risk assessment 2024.pdf


Privacy Policy

Step Out Sheffield is a Ramblers Wellbeing Walks partner and will use personal data for the administration of the scheme and anonymised reporting only. Ramblers Privacy Policy


Under Walking for Health accreditation was awarded to those schemes whose walks achieved their standards of best practice. To become accredited all walks were expected to be under 3 miles in length and 90 minutes in duration (ideally less than one hour). Walks needed to be  free at the point of delivery and they had to be accessible to all comers which meant in practice they had to be on firm footpaths as opposed to rough field and moorland paths. A leader and a back marker, and enough leaders in-between to keep all walkers safe was another requirement and walkers needed to be able to travel at speed that was comfortable for them whatever their level of ability. In particular walkers were not allowed to feel pressured into 'keeping up with the leader'. To accommodate all levels of fitness a choice of walks of different duration and pace was offered. 

The Walking for Health scheme in Sheffield was accredited with best practice certification from 1999 when the first walk was launched until 30th September 2021 when the scheme was closed and Ramblers Walking for Health became Ramblers Wellbeing walks. 

Accreditation is not a feature of Ramblers Wellbeing Walks. However, all of the key points required for Ramblers WfH accreditation remain important for best practice and delivery of Ramblers Wellbeing Walks. The walks remain the same, it is simply the name that has changed and although our walks are no longer 'accredited'  we continue to maintain our high standards of delivery.

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